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What’s the Best Roach Bait? 2019 Guide to the Best Roach Baits and Traps

On the hunt for the best roach bait? Who can blame you. After all, it’s cockroaches. Even the name is ugly. And these filth-loving insects have earned their bad reputation. Cockroaches are more

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What Kills Scorpions Naturally? 6 Best Natural Scorpion Killers to Use

Wondering what kills scorpions naturally? We got you. Scorpions are scary and of course, you want to be rid of them. It’s not just their excessive amount of spindly little legs, or the way they creep

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Does Roach Repellent Actually Work? Here’s What Does and Doesn’t

So you’ve come here seeking a roach repellent to keep these dirty pests away from you and your home for good. Clever cookie. You see, there are certain combinations of words that you never expect

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally: 6 Natural Remedies for Bed Bugs

Wondering how to get rid of bed bugs naturally? Join the club. After all, who wants to fill their home with toxic chemicals? Pretty much nobody. The trouble with most pesticides is that they are harmful

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Where Do Fleas Hide? 5 Most Common Flea Hiding Spots

Where do fleas hide? Good question. There’s nothing more satisfying than hunting these bloodsuckers down and destroying them. After all, nobody likes a parasite. Sucking blood for a living tends

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Do Essential Oils for Cockroaches Work? The Only 5 That Repel Roaches

Does essential oils for cockroaches strike you as funny? You’re not alone. It’s a silly image. After all, cockroaches aren’t known for being the pickiest animals out there. After all,

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Bed Bug Bites 101: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Bed Bug Bites

Think you’ve got some bed bug bites and looking for sympathy and solutions? We got you. When it comes to bed bugs, there’s a lot to dislike. These small bugs live quite happily in human

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5 Interesting Facts About Ants to Help You Win the War

Sun Tzu said, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” And the fifth-century Chinese general is not recorded as ever having had a problem

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What’s the Best Flea Trap? And Do Flea Traps Even Work?

Some people just spray fleas to death. But it’s the smart people who go looking for the best flea trap. But wait, why does a flea trap matter, you ask. Well, you know how in the movies,

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All About Bed Bugs: The Most Common Bed Bug Myths and Questions

An article all about bed bugs? How disgusting, you say. And you’re in good company – bed bugs have an amazing ability to get inside people’s heads. Not literally; that would be horrifying.

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