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What is the Best Dust Mite Spray? 3 Dust Mites Sprays that Work

One of the biggest mistakes made by those looking to get rid of dust mites is to simply search for the best dust mite spray.

It’s understandable why it happens – after all, we’re so used to spraying pests that it’s almost an automatic reflex.

See a cockroach? Spray and kill it. Fly buzzing in your kitchen? Spray that sucker.

And bug sprays are popular for a reason – for most pests, they kill on contact, providing us an immediate sense of gratification.

But when it comes to dust mites, sprays aren’t so simple. Here’s why…

Do Dust Mite Sprays Work?

Dust mite sprays can be a great weapon to use against these creatures – if you choose the right one. Specifically, you need to choose a dust mite spray that removes the allergens caused by dust mites rather than simply killing them.

Of course, it’s natural to want to take revenge on these unpleasant bugs and kill as many of them as possible.

But if it weren’t for allergies, dust mites would be essentially harmless. It’s not the bugs themselves that are the problem. It’s their droppings and dead bodies that contain the allergens that are driving you mad.

So don’t focus on sprays that only kill dust mites – that will not remove the problem.

Instead, choose only dust mite sprays that can deal with the allergens. That means a spray that contains either alkaline substances or enzymes that can break down the proteins in the allergens.

And remember, any bug spray is only as good as the way that you use it. Don’t rely on spray to solve all your problems. Instead, think of it as one more tool to use to get these creatures under control.

What About Pesticides for Dust Mites?

Using pesticides for pest control is practically a natural reflex. But when it comes to dust mites, pesticides may cause more harm than good.

Here’s why. Pesticides come with risks, both for humans and the environment. Countless studies have shown that pesticides can disrupt and harm the nervous, reproductive and the endocrine systems. Pesticides have even been linked to various diseases such as cancer, ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease as well as birth defects.

And yet, sometimes we need pesticides. For example, the harm caused by living with certain pests – i.e. bed bugs, fleas, roaches – outweighs the risk of judiciously using certain pesticides to get rid of them.

But when it comes to dust mites? Sure, pesticides can kill dust mites. But so can pretty much any other kind of spray. A simple alcohol spray is enough to kill dust mites. Ditto for vinegar. Dust mites aren’t hard to kill.

The issue, once again, comes down to removing the allergens produced by dust mites. And pesticides can’t do that.

So using pesticides to kill dust mites is not only overkill but overall ineffective since it won’t even improve your allergies. We highly recommend avoiding the risks of pesticide options when it comes to dust mites. There are much better options.

What is the Best Dust Mite Spray?

This is so important that it bears repeating: when choosing the best dust mite spray, it is not enough to get one that simply kills dust mites. You must get a dust mite spray that also breaks down and removes the allergens caused by dead dust mites.

Unless, of course, you’re looking for a natural, chemical-free option that’s safe to use around children and pets.

In that case, it’s best to use a non-toxic dust mite spray that kills dust mites on contact and then go the extra step of removing the allergens with a dust mite vacuum.

It is an extra step, yes, but it does ensure that the little buggers are well dead and gone.

So what are the best dust mite sprays for every variety of dust mite killing available to you? Read on to choose the perfect pick.


Let’s start with the good: this product claims to be all-natural, and it is. Its active ingredient comes from boron, a naturally occurring substance similar to borax, which is often used to kill a variety of pests.

When using this natural dust mite spray, you won’t need to worry about any adverse effects on your health or that of your family. You can spray it more or less anywhere in your house, which is good, because dust mites certainly get around.

Interestingly, this product can also be used inside a steam cleaner, which in and of itself is a brilliant home remedy for dust mites. This way, the heat from the steam will kill bugs on contact, and this product will provide residual protection that the manufacturer claims will last approximately six months.

However, the weakness in this product is definitely its active ingredient. It works by causing the dust mites to dry out. As creatures with soft bodies that need high levels of humidity to survive, this product is good at killing bugs. But killing the mites is only half the story.

If you don’t remove the allergens, you’re not really solving the problem. Sure, with fewer mites around, fewer allergens will be produced. So this product isn’t useless. However, since it doesn’t tackle the allergens themselves, it may be of limited use to those who are allergic.


If you do have a dust mite allergy, this is the perfect dust mite spray to provide immediate relief. It’s claim to fame? It uses an oxidizing compound that breaks down the proteins that cause allergic reactions.

And it has uses that go beyond just mites. It’s also effective against a host of other allergy-causing nasties like mildew, mold, and pet dander. So this could be a product that sees regular use in your home.

One thing to watch out for, though, is the smell. This product has a kind of chemical, bleach-like aroma to it. It’s not super strong, but it’s not particularly pleasant either. You may want to keep windows open while using it and for a little while after all the product dries.

While Allersearch claims to be non-staining, it’s also a good idea to test an out-of-sight part of any fabric or furniture with the spray before using throughout the house. You never know how different items will react to this spray, and you don’t want to get rid of your allergies by getting rid of your couch, too.


Like Allersearch above, Kleen-Free makes use of an enzyme that breaks down the allergens produced by dust mites. So this product should make a noticeable difference to your symptoms in a short space of time.

You can also use it as a laundry booster, so you can add it to your wash while cleaning your bedding for some extra allergy prevention.

This product is also designed as a surface cleaner, so be sure to test it carefully before spraying it on any sensitive fabrics. It has a slight vinegar smell to it, but nothing that won’t fade away in a short time after spring.

While Kleen-free is a little on the expensive side, it’s important to remember that this liquid is concentrated. You’re supposed to mix it with water at a ratio of two capsules per gallon of water. So one bottle of this stuff should last you for a long time.

Of course, that means that unlike the other products listed, that come ready to use, you’ll need to mix this product yourself. You also need a spray bottle or some other application equipment.

The extra trouble you need to go to is well worth it though when this product starts to remove the allergens that are causing you discomfort, which is does pretty much immediately.

Is There a DIY Dust Mite Spray?

To really get rid of dust mites, you’ll probably need to invest in dust mite covers as well as making sure you have the best vacuum for dust mites.

So if you’re wanting to save a little cash and make a DIY dust mite spray, the good news is that you totally can as long as you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get mixing.

What should you be mixing, you ask? Well, essential oils have been found to be effective at killing dust mites. Known to be a great repellent for most insects, clove oil was also found to be the most deadly to dust mites, but if you can’t stand the smell, rosemary and eucalyptus are also very effective. 

Essential oils can be expensive, but luckily, a little of these concentrated formulas will go a long way.

Just 10 milliliters of oil can be mixed with a gallon of water and used as an all natural dust mite spray wherever dust mites are hiding. You can also add some of the essential oil to your laundry to kill mites in clothes and sheets.

Remember, while this is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to kill these creatures, it won’t get rid of the allergens caused by dead dust mite bodies. So be sure to vacuum afterwards.

Tips for Using Dust Mite Sprays

Dust mites are tiny and live almost anywhere in the house. However, they prefer to stay close to humans since we provide them with their primary food source – our dead skin flakes.

They also like areas away from sunlight and with high levels of humidity. As a result, dust mites are most commonly found in beds and on the bedding. It’s estimated that a mattress can contain as many as 10 million of these microscopic bugs.

So here’s an action plan to get the most out of the dust mite spray you use:

Wash and dry

The first thing to do is to wash anything that can be washed. Sheets, pillows, blankets, clothes, drapes – any fabric you can get inside the washing machine should be washed. 

Spray the mattress

Once that’s done, you can start your assault on the mites with the mattress. Spray it down thoroughly and let the spray dry out completely before returning the mattress to the bed.

While you’re at it, you can also spray the bed frame, paying special attention to gaps and screw holes where mites can hide.

Don’t forget the carpet

If you have carpet in your bedroom, it would be a good idea to give that a spray too.

Just keep in mind that carpet – especially deep pile – can be the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. And a dust mite spray may not go deep enough to target all the mites that are living there.

To make sure you get as many of the mites as possible, we recommend using a carpet treatment like X-Mite Anti-Allergen Moist Powder Carpet Cleaner. It’s not difficult, only requires you let it sit for around 3 hours and then vacuum it up. Plus, it makes a huge difference.

Furniture is key

Moving on from the bedroom, start next with the living room furniture. Especially the sofa, armchairs, and other upholstered pieces.

The fabric of this furniture holds on your shed skin cells, providing a banquet for mites. Be sure to get in between the cushions and also underneath the furniture where dust mites can be hiding.

Wipe down dust everywhere

When it comes to dust mites, it’s not enough to use a duster. Nope, you want to use a damp or wet washcloth, preferably soaked with dust mite spray, to wipe the dust off every surface you can.

Don’t forget about the wooden furniture. Bookshelves, end tables, and TV stands all get dusty. And these bugs are called dust mites for a reason. Anywhere that dust can settle can be a location for the mites.

Go the extra mile

The high humidity of a kitchen makes it a good place for dust mites. On the other hand, the regular cleaning and non-porous surfaces aren’t ideal for a population of these bugs. Still, it’s not a bad idea to spray or wipe down your countertops with a mite killer.

Want more ideas on how to kill dust mites? Here’s our complete guide to get rid of dust mites for good.

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