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How to Get Rid of Scorpions for Good: The Ultimate Guide

Wondering how to get rid of scorpions permanently….and if it’s even possible?

Well, there is some truth to the old myth that the only survivors of a nuclear war would be the lowly cockroach and scorpion (as well as some foods which have a half-life rather than a shelf-life). Find out more scorpion facts!

Scorpions, as you likely already know if you find yourself reading this article for answers, are incredibly hardy, robust and stubborn little creatures.

They live in the dark, they adore the scorching heat, their skeletal structure is on the outside and they can do yoga much, much better than you ever will: what chance do you have against them?

Well, I’m here to give you the breakdown of every single tool, weapon and last hope at your disposal to finally get rid of scorpions for good.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions Forever

A nuclear war may not wipe out their species but going nuclear on them – in a strategic manner – can clear them out of your living quarters. Here’s your battle plan…

Ruin scorpions’ living habitats

Newsflash: scorpions are living in your yard because they like it there. The conditions are favorable, the food’s good and they don’t have to pay rent for their single bedroom wooden log, or en-suite-construction-bag-left-forgotten-for-months.

As soon as you begin to clear up any loose and inviting clutter, trash and disposable material from your yard that could make for a perfectly dingy and dark shelter for scorpions, you’ll begin to see a drop in their numbers.

This goes double for things like rotting logs or plant-life that’s been left unattended. Mulching might seem like an attractive gardening tactic, but if you don’t keep a close eye on it, it can present itself as a veritable scorpion night club.

Destroy scorpions’ food source

Joining up with point number one – by eradicating the elements of your yard that make for good shelter, you’ll disrupt the delicate little eco system that’s formed there. Especially if you get rid of rotten materials which can attract all manner of bug life; a scorpion’s staple diet.

Do your best to keep flies and insects to a minimum around and inside your home. With no viable meal ticket available to them, scorpions will begin to look elsewhere for their dinner. Dispose of trash properly, don’t leave foods exposed, perhaps take steps to repel insects with insecticides and above all, keep a clean home!

It’s important to note, though, that another facet of the Uber-Scorpion is that these little critters can lower their metabolism to the point of only needing one meal per year… So, although taking out the source of their food is a solid move, you might need to combine it with some harsher methods for serious results.

Get rid of leakage

Sticking with the theme of destroying the optimum scorpion environment; you also want to keep moisture to an absolute minimum where possible, both inside and outside the home.

It’s no secret that standing water and moisture seepage are huge attractions for all kinds of pests and scorpions are chief among them, especially if you live in an arid climate (where both moisture pockets are few and far between and scorpions are most prolific).

Make sure your home’s pipes and plumbing works aren’t leaking anywhere or letting too much moisture build up in key areas – there’s a reason that invading creepy crawlies are often found in the kitchen and the bathroom!

Seal up cracks in the home

Finally, you want to try and make your home as impenetrable as humanly possible. It’s important to remember that scorpions and other arachnids are incredibly nimble creatures and can squeeze themselves into spaces that are ungodly small.

In the case of scorpions specifically, this is due to their exoskeletal make-up and lack of any proper bone structure. Disgusting, sure, but also incredibly useful if you want to sneak into a nice big home via the smallest gap in a pipe-line.

Invest in some caulking or other sealant and go to town on your home – everything from door sills to air vents to small cracks in wall or ceiling plaster. Truly make the place borderline airtight to reduce your chance of letting anymore of the stinging sods in.

Hunt scorpions with UV light

Maybe you want to take matters into your own hands and get some revenge on the beasties that have caused you so much stress and unpleasantness. It’s a completely understandable reaction to have (for you, I mean. The only understandable reaction for me is to cry uncontrollably).

That said, you can’t just go trampling out to your garden with a pair of heavy work boots on and commit a small genocide before lunch… Mainly because that’s the wrong time of day for it. Try waiting until after dark (around a new moon, preferably) and then use UV light to scan for any scorpions glowing in the dark.

Once you’ve sought them out – let the killing begin, but be very careful not to get stung. Even a dead body can still pack a punch. Find out more ways to kill scorpions!

Use scorpion insecticides

A very popular and simple solution for keeping scorpions at bay is to purchase some pesticides or insecticides, which have active chemical agents to kill off any stray scorpions or other beasties that might be silly enough to cross your home’s threshold or yard.

There are a great many different brands, potencies and types of poisons to use for scorpions, many of which should not be used in the home. It all depends on the severity of your pest problem and whether it’s external or internal.

However, there are some basic ground rules for pesticide use which apply across all different types:

  • Wear appropriate safety equipment: goggles, rubber gloves, rubber boots and (at the very least) long sleeved tops and pants. Limit your skin’s exposure to the toxins at all costs.
  • Follow the instructions of your chosen brand, don’t play it fast and loose with measurements and dilutions (both for safety and effectiveness reasons).
  • Thoroughly clean all equipment and clothing after use to limit the spread of the toxins in the home and to prevent any accidents happening – especially if you have children.
  • Use in a well ventilated area and never spread pesticides if the weather looks to be windy or wet, as this could lead to the material blowing into neighbors’ yards or cause other accidents!

Generally speaking, pesticides and insecticides (both natural and chemical based) are very effective against scorpions, but only if used regularly and over time.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth

Similar to pesticides and insecticides, one of the most popular methods for keeping beasties out of the home is to cover troublesome areas with diatomaceous earth.

That said, DE is a much tamer form of poisoning than pesticide – rather than directly killing the scorpions, the powdered DE will instead cling on to their bodies as they pass through.

Once the scorpions are covered in the material, it will slowly begin to dehydrate them and begin the long process of killing them from the outside in. It seems a little cruel, but it gets the job done in the long run.

If you’re looking for a much more drastic and immediate form of extermination, however, then you might want to look elsewhere or at least combine the DE application with something else (DE can also be very good as a simple repellent if used regularly and in the same locations).

Boric acid

boric acid for scorpions

Here we have something of a middle ground between DE and pesticides. Boric acid is also a powdered substance but has a much faster acting lethality than DE and sets to work on the scorpion immediately – usually starting with the legs first.

Now, boric acid can be a bit more harmful to humans and pets than DE and some lighter methods, so it’s important that you exercise some extra caution when applying it and when choosing the appropriate location for the powder.

It’s generally recommended that you use Boric acid in slightly more reclusive and difficult to reach gaps, spaces and entry points rather than areas of your house that you frequent. Again, however, you will need to keep reapplying the ‘acid’ as and when necessary to keep up a full-frontal defense!

Lay some glue traps

For truly settling the score and keeping scorpions out on a more permanent basis, glue traps can be a huge help. Now, of course this method doesn’t directly kill any invading scorpions or other arachnids – that gruesome duty is still yours to bear, but the traps will stop any pesky critters from getting too far into your home, meaning it’s finally you that draws the line.

It’s best to strategically lay out glue traps in areas that you’ve already identified as being particularly prone to scorpion entry or near gaps or spaces in your walls etc. Scorpions and spiders often gravitate to corners, too, so it’s usually a wise idea to set some glue traps in far flung closet corners and at the base of furniture.

Use scorpion repelling scents

Although scorpions have an abundance of eyes, their vision is actually very poor. They tend to glean information from their environment by a combination of vibrations and scent – which makes them vulnerable in this regard.

For some reason, the eight legged sods tend to hate the scent of lavender plants or oils, which makes it a great opportunity for you to do a little positive work in the yard whilst you’re destroying their messy habitat.

Theoretically, a few lavender plants should do the job of keeping them away from your house, and perhaps some indoor scents or air fresheners could make all the difference too.

In this same vein, scorpions also have a viscerally negative reaction to citric and cedar wood oils and scents to boot. Again, it’s not quite clear why; but all that matters is that they work!

Take your pick of these smells and try to spread them as liberally as you can without your home smelling like an apothecary, you might find (if your scorpion problem isn’t too serious) that it only takes a small gesture like this to win the arachnid war.

Use their habits to your advantage

I mentioned, above, that scorpions love to find old yard-fabrics and materials to bunker down under, so why not use this to your advantage? Many scorpion killing veterans recommend leaving a moistened burlap bag or similar coarse material out in the open for a day or two to attract them.

Then, once they think they’ve found a new home…Give them the Godzilla treatment.

Get creative

If you spot a scorpion in your home, but you lack the requisite bravery to set about it with your foot or another blunt utensil, then you could try something akin to forceps or barbeque tongs to lift it, safely, and remove it from the home. This ingenious bug vacuum works as well…

bug zooka

Another interesting DIY trick is to wrap some duct tape (or a sticky pad) around the end of a broomstick or brush and ‘pick up’ the scorpion this way. Although thrifty and very inconsistent, this method does have the added bonus of sticking the scorpion in place whilst you move it or kill it, rather than having it swinging that big stinger around in an anxious frenzy.

It’s also worth noting that if you are keen to get a little more close and personal, that something as simple as a knife straight through the shell will be enough to end it all – but make sure you’re wearing thick gloves!

Educate your neighbors

As with any neighborhood problem or pest, your actions are only as powerful as your next door neighbor’s – especially with something as pervasive as a scorpion or bug problem. You might spend weeks landscaping your garden and laying traps and pesticides around the home, only for the yard next door to have its own thriving scorpion population.

Try getting in contact with the people living around you and see if they have as much of a problem with scorpions as you do: from there, you can perhaps organize and share tips on the best methods for eradication in your area.

Not only will this allow you all to tackle the problem as a community, but it might help to get rid of the migration problem: i.e., if the scorpions are no longer coming into your home… whose home are they going into?

Be wary of what’s happening around you

Remember that there are many reasons and causes for a sudden influx in scorpions. It could be because the weather is heating up (or cooling down, if more are trying to get into the shelter of your home), it could be to do with the time of year for insects and bugs or there may be some heavy construction happening nearby.

One of the most common causes for heightened scorpion numbers is due to construction yards overturning otherwise old and peaceful ground and unearthing the beasties that were living there. This is also why a lot of newly built homes seem to have arachnid problems in their first few years.

Keeping an eye on what’s happening around you will give you a better insight into how you can handle the situation and whether you need to be worried about scorpions becoming a permanent fixture.

Form a habit and stay consistent

The biggest piece of advice (assuming you take the last fourteen tips on board!) is to form good scorpion-eradication habits. Laying down pesticide or glue traps once or twice and catching the odd straggler is fine, but it’s not going to cause any great upset or get rid of the scorpions for good.

It’s very important that you repeatedly engage in preventing, repelling and killing them when they do arise and to not let yourself get lazy and complacent. Only by keeping up a constant defensive front will you be able to keep the home invaders away on a more permanent basis.

Hire professional help

Finally, one last ditch piece of advice: hire a professional to step in and take care of the problem once and for all. Perhaps you’re not too keen on tackling the creatures yourself, or you just want to make sure that you’re not screaming into the void with your small DIY efforts.

Hiring a professional to come in and take care of the issue properly is not a sign of defeat, but rather that you’re taking the issue seriously. A qualified exterminator or pest control expert will know exactly what’s causing the infestation (if there is one), what the best steps are for your home and how to keep them out for good – listen to them!

Hopefully this has been a helpful guide through the horrible world of scorpion-killing. There’s nothing worse than finding an unwelcome, eight-legged visitor in your home… So now, with a bit of perseverance and a thick pair of boots – you might never have to deal with it again!

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  1. We’re currently suffering from a scorpion infestation in the basement, and as a result, we can’t even use it anymore for fear of getting stung. Searching for ways to get rid of them, I saw this article. It was helpful when you said that keeping flies and insect to a minimum, avoiding keeping food exposed and disposing of trash properly are ways to get rid of them because we’ll be cutting off their food source. I’ll try that. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll resort to seeking professional help. Thanks!


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