These shy, speedy household pests aren’t harmful, per se. They don’t usually bite, suck blood, or spread disease. But they will eat anything that has carbs, including glue, paper, fabrics, and what’s in your pantry.

how to get rid of silverfish

How to Get Rid of Silverfish Permanently in 7 Easy Steps

Swearing you’ll find out how to get rid of silverfish once and for all? Here’s the complete guide to eliminate these pests from your life.


Key Facts

Damp and humid. Places in the home that are damp, humid, and mostly undisturbed are top of the silverfish list of best neighborhoods to move into.

Built to survive. Silverfish are an ancient insect that pre-date dinosaurs by millions of years. The keys to their survival is the fact that they’re speedy, they choose flight over fight, and they eat everything.

Food is everywhere. Silverfish can eat pretty much everything – pet food, soap, books, glue, and so on.

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