Stylish Mosquito Repellent Clothing to Protect You from Head to Toe

It’s a fact: people despise mosquitoes. And thanks to this universal hatred of these blood-suckers, there’s a huge burgeoning industry devoted to coming up with new innovations to keep them away from us.

One of the best, most ingenious mosquito repellents recently created? Mosquito repellent clothing.

And no, this doesn’t mean you have to walk around wrapped in a mesh net – mosquito repellent clothes come in a variety of styles and look a lot like the clothes you wear everyday.

The difference is that these clothes have ingeniously treated with an invisible, odorless Insect Shield that’s so tightly bonded to the fabric fibers that it effectively discourages mosquitoes – as well as ticks, ants, flies, and other annoyances – from getting too close to you.

Here’s what to wear to protect yourself from mosquitoes from head to toe! Pretty much all the clothes and accessories featured here come in a range of sizes, colors and styles so if you like something, click on the picture and it’ll take you to a page where you can see all the colors and styles.


Don’t you hate when mosquitoes come buzzing around your head, kamikaze-ing into your face every once in awhile?

Keep them away from your entire head and face area by donning one of these mosquito repellent hats.

mosquito-repellent-clothing-hat mosquito-repellent-clothes-cap

They’ve even got bug free headbands and bandanas!

mosquito-repellent-clothes-headband mosquito-repellent-clothing-bandana


Nothing brightens up an outfit like a scarf – except these do more than that. These gorgeous, gauzy scarves will keep the mosquitoes away from your face, neck and shoulders. Hurrah!

mosquito-repellent-clothing-scarf mosquito-repellent-clothes-scarves

Too gauzy for you? No worries – they’ve got neck guards for men, too.

Women’s Tops

You don’t wear mosquito gear for fashion, so we didn’t expect the women’s mosquito repellent clothing to be so cute.

We were wrong.

mosquito-repellent-clothes-hoodie mosquito-repellent-clothes-shirt
mosquito-repellent-clothes-button-shirt mosquito-repellent-clothes-tunic

Men’s Tops

And the men’s tops are just as stylish…

mosquito-repellent-clothes-mens-shirt mosquito-repellent-clothes-mens-button-down
mosquito-repellent-clothes-mens-hoody mosquito-repellent-clothing-mens


Both men’s and women’s jackets are quite spiffy as well…

mosquito-repellent-clothes-womens-jacket mosquito-repellent-clothes-mens-jacket

Women’s Pants

We especially love how they have a wide selection of pants since that’s an easy zone for mosquitoes to strike.

Unfortunately, there are no bug free jeans (‘though most mosquitoes would have a hard time biting you in jeans anyway), there are plain pants as well as leggings.

mosquito-repellent-clothes-women's pants mosquito-repellent-clothes-leggings

Men’s Pants

There’s also a good selection of men’s pants – keep in mind that the below pants come in more colors than pictured here.

mosquito-repellent-clothing-mens-pants mosquito-repellent-clothing-pants


And of course, we can’t forget the socks. We did say “head to toe” after all.

mosquito-repellent-socks1 mosquito-repellent-socks

Even More Wearable Mosquito Repellent…

It’s not all basics and casuals in the mosquito repellent clothes department – they’ve even got bracelets and dresses for those of you who need protection for summertime BBQs rather than for hiking in the jungle.

mosquito-repellent-clothes-dress mosquito-repellent-bracelet

Happy mosquito-free shopping!

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vaara hyttynen says June 10, 2018

Where to find long sleeve shirts and pants for women , men and toddlers, they have to be very thin breathable, those clothes you show are just too thick, too unbreathable , kids refuse to wear them in Texas heat and women almost faint because of heat. Regular polyester blends are tooo hot.

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