Termites may be tiny. But they can do massive damage to your home and cost your thousands in damages. It’s essential you know how to spot the signs before the problem becomes full-blown – and how to deal with it. Stat.

how to get rid of termites

How to Get Rid of Termites: 15 Most Effective Ways to Kill and Prevent Infestation

The problem with termites is that you don’t want to wait until the damage is full-blown. This is everything you need to know to put an end to infestations before and after they happen.


Key Facts

Not just wood. Everyone knows termites eat wood. But that’s not the only thing they eat. Termites will eat anything with cellulose – paper, cardboard, drywall. That means floors, walls, shelves, cabinets, and the structural integrity of your home can be eaten away.

Damage happens fast. Termites never sleep and they work well as a team. Large termite colonies can eat up to a pound of wood per day.

Know the signs. Termite damage often goes unnoticed until it’s too late and the further down the line you discover it, the more expensive it will be. In the US alone, termites are estimated to cause up to $5 billion in property damage per year.

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