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How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas: 5 Tactics to Kill Fleas with DE

You’re here because you want to know how to use diatomaceous earth for fleas. Join the (itchy) club. Diatomaceous earth – or DE, as its friends call it – is no doubt one of the most

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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Kittens: 6 Safe Kitten Flea Treatment Options

One of the most unfortunate questions in the world has to be the one that’s on your mind right now: how to get rid of fleas on kittens. Because that means your kitten has fleas and well, that’s

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What’s the Best Flea Powder (And Does Flea Powder Work?)

If you’re on the hunt for the best flea powder on the market, you already know that having pets isn’t always a walk in the park. Don’t get me wrong; companion animals bring all

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Do Fleas Die in the Winter? The Disturbing Truth About Fleas in Winter

What’s your favorite season? For a lot of us, the answer is Summer. Long, warm days. Time off school. Everything green and growing. But Summer has its downsides, and bugs are one of them. If

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5 Surprisingly Effective Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

Oh, cats. What would the Internet be without them? These strange yet adorable creatures have overtaken dogs as the world’s most popular pet, and they often seem poised to take over the world completely.

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What’s the Best Flea Comb for Cats and Dogs? (Yes, There’s a Difference)

It’s no wonder that the market is full of products claiming to be the best flea comb. These devices are popular. Almost as popular as the animals they service. As even the quickest glance

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Does Heat Kill Fleas? The 4 Best Ways to Kill Fleas with Heat

Does heat kill fleas? After all, it works for other bloodsuckers – namely, the bed bug. Fleas and bed bugs are very different animals. They look different, they behave differently, and they require

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Where Do Fleas Hide? 5 Most Common Flea Hiding Spots

Where do fleas hide? Good question. There’s nothing more satisfying than hunting these bloodsuckers down and destroying them. After all, nobody likes a parasite. Sucking blood for a living tends

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What’s the Best Flea Trap? And Do Flea Traps Even Work?

Some people just spray fleas to death. But it’s the smart people who go looking for the best flea trap. But wait, why does a flea trap matter, you ask. Well, you know how in the movies,

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What’s the Best Vacuum for Fleas? (And Why It’s Your #1 Weapon)

Here’s a little secret: choosing the best vacuum for fleas is the smartest thing you can do in your battle against these blood suckers. So kudos to you for seeking one out! Now for the

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