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What Kills Scorpions Naturally? 6 Best Natural Scorpion Killers to Use

Wondering what kills scorpions naturally? We got you. Scorpions are scary and of course, you want to be rid of them.

It’s not just their excessive amount of spindly little legs, or the way they creep along silently in the quiet of the night. It’s not even those evil-looking pincers they have.

No, it’s the fact that they can and do sting that makes them one of the most feared household pests the world over.

Worse yet, scorpions are survivors. Made to endure the heat and dryness of near-desert conditions, these bugs are tough. Case in point: They can go months on a single meal and live for between two and ten years!

It’s no wonder these creatures have been around for hundreds of millions of years, surviving several mass extinction events along the way. Scorpions are not to be trifled with.

What Kills Scorpions Naturally

But there are ways to wage war on these invaders without resorting to harsh commercial chemicals. You don’t need nuclear launch codes to kill scorpions.

In fact, armed with Mother Nature’s most potent scorpion killers and a little creativity, you can get rid of scorpions naturally. Here’s how!

Cedar products

Cedar oil is an effective repellent for many bugs, including scorpions. I’m not sure why, because it smells amazing. But they really don’t like it.

Cedar oil is available in many different formulations, so you can experiment with what works best for you. A simple spray might be all you need to keep your home to yourself.

scorpion repellent

And it’s not just cedar oil – there’s a variety of cedar products you can use as a gentle scorpion deterrent like 100% cedar wood accessories you can place in your closets and other dark nooks and crannies where scorpions like to hide.

You can even use cedar mulch to repel scorpions from your yard – that way, they don’t even get close enough to your home for you to have to kill.

Neem oil

Like cedar oil, neem oil is a naturally occurring product that comes from a tree (in this case, the neem tree – who would have guessed?) And like cedar oil, scorpions HATE it.

home remedy for scorpions

In fact, neem oil actually kills scorpions that come into contact with it by disrupting the hormonal balance in their bodies.

Personally, I can’t stand the smell of my cat’s litter box, but it’s not literally going to kill me. Scorpions aren’t so lucky.

Diatomaceous earth

It’s not just a winning Scrabble word. Diatomaceous earth is an effective pesticide that works against a wide variety of crawling bugs with no chemicals needed. And it’s probably the most effective natural scorpion killer you can get your hands on.

bed bugs in carpet

Diatomaceous earth – DE, as it’s known to its friends – provides a physical barrier that will kill scorpions that try to cross it. It’s harmless to humans unless you decide to eat a few pounds of it, which I wouldn’t recommend.

I would, however, recommend wearing a painter’s mask while you apply it. It usually comes in the form of a white powder, and until the dust settles, it can irritate the lungs. It won’t harm you at all, but it might make you cough.


Add this to the list of smells scorpions can’t stand. In that way, as in so many others, scorpions have very little in common with your grandmother. They also bake terrible cookies; something to do with their pincers not being able to work the dough properly.

Anyway, if you’re not averse to the smell of lavender, you could try planting some lavender in your yard or planting it in a pot inside.

It’s not a natural scorpion killer, mind you, but it can keep scorpions away which is even better, if you ask us.

Scorpion glue traps

Simple glue traps can work great against scorpions. Set them up along walls in your home, and any scorpion that tries to walk across them will come to a sticky end. (See what I did there? I could be a comic book villain with punning skills like that.)

best scorpion traps

Just be aware that if you do trap a scorpion in a glue trap, it won’t die right away. A scorpion could still sting you from the trap, so put on some gloves before you go handling one.

Oh, and bear in mind that the glue on glue traps is sticky. Some glue traps are strong enough to trap large rats, so keep the trap away from children or pets.

If someone does step into the glue, you can use simple vegetable oil to break down the adhesive and free yourself.

Gee, I hope no scorpions are reading this right now…

Set up a scorpion fortress

That means a fortress against scorpions, by the way. One that keeps them out. Not a fortress of scorpions. That would be…terrifying.

You can try any or even all of these methods for deterring scorpions. But one of the most effective ways to protect your home from them is to make sure they can’t get in in the first place.

And often, a tube of silicone caulk can work wonders at keeping them out.

keep scorpions away

Take a look around your house. Try to see it through the many eyes of a scorpion. (Yes, scorpions can have as many as twelve eyes. It’s true. The more you learn about scorpions, the creepier they get.)

What you’re looking for, besides juicy crickets to feast on, is gaps. Tiny little gaps, maybe only 1/16 of an inch. That’s all a scorpion needs to get inside your house.

Check around doors and windows, and around anything that makes a hole in your walls. Dryer vents, air conditioning conduits, water pipes.

It’s very common for these areas to be improperly sealed, and scorpions, along with other pests, love to use these gaps as highways into your home.

Even cracks in the concrete foundations of your home that appear over time can be enough. If you find a gap, seal it up. Keep those scorpions out.

Making your house a scorpion-free oasis may sound like a lot of work, and it can be. But take it slow and steady, and be thorough. Because pretty much anything’s better than finding a scorpion in your shoes, isn’t it?

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